External Vacuum Expander (EVE®) is the only proven method to lift and increase breast tissue volume without surgery.

Ground breaking bioengineering lead to the
development of EVE®

EVE® is a soft gel-like bra, which uses sustained, controlled, low-level mechanical tension over a prolonged period of time to gradually lift and enlarge breast size. EVE is painless and naturally enlarges breasts using a well established principal of tension induced growth. This is how children grow and a number of medical device are based on this principle (ilizarov apparatus).

Tension-Induced Tissue Growth Using EVE®

Before EVE®

Original small breast before treatment. Inset shows normal tissue density.

Early EVE® effect

EVE® system is placed over the breast area when you sleep. Vacuum inside the domes pulls the breast tissue outward to start expansion. Inset shows loosening of the normal tissue density. Which stimulates the response of the tissues to restore normal density and enlarge to fill the space.

What is tension-induced tissue growth?

  • With a gently sustained pull, cells respond by replicating, resulting in new tissue growth
  • We grow from infancy to adulthood because it is our bones that get longer and stretch the surrounding soft tissues inducing them to grow
  • This is a universal natural phenomenon scientifically observed in vascular, pulmonary, visceral, nervous, bony, muscular, and cutaneous tissues
  • It is used as tissue expanders in post-mastectomy reconstruction and as the Ilizarov device for limb lengthening and facial bones distraction
  • No cancer risk has ever been associated with tension-induced tissue growth, it is actually thought to be cancer protective
  • It had years of scientific validation
“Out of all the alternatives for breast augmentations available, this is probably the safest option.” Susan Love, MD. Breast Cancer Specialist

EVE® enlarges and lift breasts

  • EVE® applies a multidimensional pull that grows and fills the breast with new tissue and offers increased tissue
    growth to the upper pole of the breast.

During the "USE PERIOD” your breast will enlarge rapidly. However, this early volume increase is only edema. It will completely subside once you stop. It is only after a few weeks of intensive use that the permanent tissue growth component will start to accumulate. In order to accumulate a significant amount of permanent tissue enlargement it is advised to continue the treatment for at least 10 weeks, and preferably 20 or more weeks. During the first month or two of your “FOLLOW-UP PERIOD” your breast will lose the edema volume and you will be left with the real tissue enlargement that will be permanent.

What We've Achieved

  • An average of one cup size increase
  • A noticeable lift to the breast
  • An increase in self-esteem
  • Enlargement was unrelated to weight-gain or premenstrual swelling

Scientific Validation

Below is a list of scientific publications in peer reviewed medical journals (the gold standard for scientific validity) that prove the safety and efficacy of external vacuum expansion (EVE) induced breast enlargement. EVE is the ONLY scientifically proven method of non-surgical breast enlargement.